Special Events and Days

"Genial Sozial" (End of school year)

All the students like this day, because they get introduced into a completely new job they’ve never done. The money they earn goes to the school which they later donate to an annually changing social project.


Combined Teaching (FVU) (End of school year)

In this week, all the students from each age-group, get split up into smaller groups where they get one individual topic to work on. Sometimes it's about sports or theoretical themes.


Charity Run (Just before the summer holidays)

On the day of the charity run, all the students from the classes 5-10 meet up at the “Margon Arena”. Later when everyone is ready, they start running, they run as many rounds as they can. But they also get a decent amount of money per round they run from their sponsors, which they’ve chose before.


“Frühlingsgala” (March-April)

It is an event which is introduced by our students, where they show their special talents like singing, dancing or playing theatre. All of the viewers love it and want to come again next year.


The Graduation (After graduating)

On this day, all the graduates have their last day at school and make little special events, for example: they get themselves water guns and make the other students wet, or they play loud music in the whole school. Everybody likes this day, because it makes the everyday school life way funnier.


Christmas Market  (December)

On this day there is a Christmas market at our school. There are many different stands from many classes. You can buy there much food our something other cool things. Sometimes also you can throwing or spin the wheel of fortune.


Topic Tolerance Day (September-October)

Every year our topic tolerance day takes place in autumn. The students always deal with a different topic. They usually watch a film or make a poster on the topic. 

Sports and languages day (December)

On this day the different classes are divided into groups. Either you do sports from different countries or you deal with languages ​​from different countries.


Boys and Girls Day (April)

On Boys and Girls Day, boys can get to know the typical jobs that girls do. For example, the boys can be kindergarten teachers. Or the girls could become farm workers.  


The School-Dance:

It is every year in the second half of the year. It is an event where the 9-12rh graders are invited to celebrate in the „Aula“ to Dance and have fun in the evening but you need to have a ticket and when your under 16 you need a certification from your parents. You need to have an adult there who must be registered before.