School Clubs


  Name   Where   When Teacher
Architecture Room:E11 Thursday Mister Storz, Miss Reiche
Artistry gym Friday Miss Fischbach, Miss Queißer
Badminton gym Tuesday Mister Heinold
Basketball gym Thursday Dresdner Titans
DELF France Room: 415 Tuesday Miss Trebing
Photo design Room:  310 Thursday Miss Paul
Football Gym Tuesday Mister Peter
Crochet Room: 419 Thursday Miss Heilmann
HEG – IT Room:311 Thursday Mister Conrad
Ceramic Room:S22 Tuesday Mister Kropp
Artistic designing Room: 421 Monday Miss Fischer
Organisation Abi Ball Room: 118 individual Mister Heinisch
School choir Room: Aua Monday Miss Ejem
Games Club Room: Schoolclub Thursday Maria
Pupil newspaper Room: individuel Tuesday Miss Vogel
Climate Room: E011 Tuesday Miss Cierjacks
Technology Room: individuel individual Mister Skomski, Mister Hübel
Table tennis gym Tuesday Mister Jantschew
Volleyball gym Wednesday Mister Storch, Mister Pfeil
Preparation school exchange France Room: 415 Tuesday Miss Ceccato


We have many school clubs. They take place in the afternoon. Here are all school clubs in our school. You have to sign up. It is in the afternoon.


Our school club

Our school club opens from 11.20-11.45 a.m. and from 1.20-4 p.m. It is located in the basement of the building on the north side. Whenever you want, you can go to the school club. You can play billiard, listen to music, do your homework, play table football, have fun with other children, be part of special events or speak with the social worker.

But who are social workers?

  • Robert Hein
  • Anne-Marie Schütze
  • Maria Heinze (inclusion assistant)

But what are they there for?

They help people with social disabilities and make them strong again. They want to support people in their development. Everybody is allowed to go there. Inclusion assistants help people to learn together.