Partner Schools

The exchange program at our school is a safe and supportive program with schools from various countries, created by teachers and volunteers. Students have the opportunity to travel, explore, and learn more about other countries' cultures. They gain insight into the way people from different countries live, develop beneficial skills, and grow as individuals. Starting from 9th grade, students can participate in exchange programs to visit France, Italy, Kasakhstan, India, and the USA. Similarly, students from our partner schools have the opportunity to visit us and learn more about German culture and customs.

The Hans-Erlwein-Gymnasium has connections to schools in France (Lycee Marie Curie de Sceaux in Paris), the US (Woodward Academy in Atlanta), India (Subodh Public School in Jaipur), as well as in Italy and Kasakhstan.


If you want to know more about our partner schools you can visit their websites here:


France, Lycee Marie-Curie de sceaux (Paris)





India, Subodh public school (Jaipur)