Food in our school


In our school you can choose between 4 meals for lunch (one of them is vegan or vegetarian), or baguettes. If none of the offers sound good to you, you can be sure to find what you are looking for in our "Kiosk". You can choose between sweet bakery goods like muffins and donuts to things like cheese rolls, ham rolls or pizza for your lunch.


Savoury pastries : pretzel; cheese roll; cheese-bacon-roll                                                       

Sweet pastries : cherry pies; chocolate roll; muffin; donut; French roll; apple pies Sweet&Salty :  chocolate ; BalaBalla/Riesenschlange; Dextro-Schulstoff –Div; Mentos fruit; fruit lollipops                                                                                               

Hot Snacks : French fries                                                                                              

Desserts : yoghurt with berries/muesli                                                                                    

Hot Drinks : coffee                                                                                                                          

Cold Drinks : Durstlöscher 0,5l; Bad Brambacher apple spritzer/lemonade 0,5l                       

Sometimes available : sandwiches; slush; skittles; pizza; peanut flips

For allergens and additives ask the service.