Food options outside the school

The closest food possibility is the "Waffls Café" across the north entrance of the building. There you can buy brownies, ice-cream, coffee and of course waffles. The café opens at 12 a.m., but if you want to get breakfast, you can go to the Grohmann bakery. You have to walk along the Hepkestraße or you can drive one station by bus from "Junghansstraße" to "kurzer Schritt".

ATTENTION!!! The café as well as the bakery is closed on Mondays.

If you want something lunch-like, you can go to the pizza place "dominos". You go to the "Waffls Café" and turn left to the "Eibenstocker Straße". Then you turn right in the "Schlüterstraße".

Also very popular: the kebab shop called "Istanbul". You walk down the Junghansstraße and turn right to Gottleubener Straße. Go on until you see it.

 The easiest way to get some food is from the supermarket, so here are some options:

Aldi- you walk down the "Junghansstraße" and at the crossing you go on to the "Glasshüterstraße".

Netto- go there by the bus 85 (Löbtau-Süd) and drive to "Zwinglistraße".